Sunday lunch with the whole family conjures up images of delicious roasts with mountains of fluffy mash, gravy, piping hot fresh vegetables and all the trimmings, but what about Sundays when it’s 25 degrees by 10am? The idea of even putting the oven on for over an hour & baking yourself in the kitchen along with the food isn’t too appealing. Also, you can’t BBQ every single summer day, so what’s the answer to the puzzle of what to have for a sunny summer Sunday lunch, that will fill up tummies more successfully than just a light salad?

The saviour of scorching Sundays can be found in the aisles of your local Tesco, with Cloughbane Farm Foods ‘ready meal’ range. It’s a selection of ready meals, but not in the sense of quick frozen microwave dishes. The County Tyrone family business has been farming the fields of Pomeroy for over 150 years, and source meat for their dishes from within a 50-mile radius.

All the ingredients that go into their pies, lasagnes and bakes are fresh, nothing frozen, so the result is wholesome and nutritious meals packed with flavour that you could pass as homemade. So, whilst the Cloughbane Farm Foods meals are quick and easy (the Chicken & Broccoli Bake we tried simply took 25 mins in the oven), they are as fulfilling and satisfying as if you had put the dish together yourself from scratch. Less time in the hot kitchen and more time sunning yourself in the garden! Doesn’t that sound enticing?

The Chicken & Broccoli Bake is one of those staple delicious go-to Northern Irish comfort food meals. I know Stephen Nolan has said many times that it’s one of his favourites! The Cloughbane Farm Foods bake is generous with chunks of roast chicken breast, fresh broccoli and a tasty breadcrumb topping. Everyone always wants the crispy crunchy party of the bake topping, that’s the best bit!

What about sides to go along with your summer lunch? Well, whether you choose the Cloughbane Farm Foods bake like we had, or their lasagne or pies, a good coleslaw is a delightful accompaniment to all those dishes. Again, we can look to a local brand found on the shelves of our Tesco stores, Country Kitchen.

Lurgan based Country Kitchen have 25 years of experience creating delicious food for the province. Their coleslaw and potato salad’s mayonnaise is an in-house recipe, tailored for the Northern Irish palate. I find with coleslaw especially you can’t scrimp on quality, and they only use the finest fresh ingredients to create a beautiful deli style side dish that goes perfectly with pies, pasta bakes and more.

To celebrate their 25 years, Country Kitchen have given their products a brand-new look, as well as launching two new dishes which will be available in most Tesco stores across NI. We tried their new Mexican-inspired chipotle coleslaw, which has a hint of smokey spices and would go down a treat at your next BBQ.

We also got to sample their classic Potato Salad, which is light, fresh, cool and heavenly on a hot day. Country Kitchen also offer a handy single serving split pack of their coleslaw and potato salad in one.

So, there you have it, a filling Sunday lunch with very little prep time but all the quality and taste of a home cooked meal, thanks to Cloughbane Farm Foods and Country Kitchen. If you want to add any other sides may I personally recommend a third local brand, Mash Direct – their potato croquettes take the same time in the oven as the Chicken & Broccoli Bake, which is super handy.

Let’s hope our Northern Irish Summer gives us plenty of hot Sundays to come!