Actress returns to Bangor hotel and restaurant for second time for Scottish-inspired treat

A CO Down hotelier and restaurateur has offered American TV host Jimmy Fallon and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain lessons in the art of Scotch egg-making after actress Sienna Miller revealed her taste for them before an audience of millions on The Tonight Show.

The BAFTA-nominated star was appearing on popular show when she told host Jimmy Fallon about the Scottish delicacy which is a staple on the menu of The Salty Dog Hotel and Restaurant in Bangor.

The 35-year-old was on the set to promote her new film The Lost City of Z alongside fellow English actors Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattison when talk turned to her favourite food.

The Salty Dog’s proprietor Ken Sharp welcomed the actress’s endorsement and quipped he’d give Fallon and Bourdain a Scotch egg-making lesson “any time!”

Sienna revealed the Scotch eggs were the very reason she stayed at the Bangor Bay-side hotel during filming in the summer of 2015.

She visited it the previous year during filming of another movie, High Rise with Tom Hiddleston, when the pair went “every night for a Scotch egg or two”, hailing them as “the best in the land”.

Lost City of Z co-stars Pattison and Hunnam were also seen enjoying drinks at the hotel bar during filming in Northern Ireland.

She told host Fallon that while they and other cast members stayed in Belfast, she opted to stay at the North Down coastal venue – because of the sausage-wrapped treat.

“Most people were staying in Belfast city which is quite cosmopolitan but I was staying in Bangor which is by the sea.

“And I say I was there because my character was lonely and I wanted to isolate myself but actually, to come back to food, but there’s a pub there called The Salty Dog that has an amazing Scotch egg and that’s why I stayed there,” she told him.

Speaking of the treat made her quip “I want one now,” before she went on to explain what they were.

“It’s like an egg that’s wrapped in sausage – it sounds disgusting, it’s so good  – in sausage meat and it’s fried.”

When asked how this was done, she admitted: “I don’t know. I have actually made one but the eggs kept breaking.”

She quipped she would give him a Scotch egg lesson, starting with “You par boil the egg.”

The Salty Dog’s Ken Sharp was delighted the talents of his head chef Tim Brunton and his kitchen team received such glowing praise before such a huge global audience.

He said Tim, how now also heads the culinary team at the recently opened fine dining restaurant, The Boat House opposite The Salty Dog, was a fine chef who deserved the credit.

And he joked: “We’re really glad she enjoyed them and of course we are happy to give Jimmy Fallon or Anthony Bourdain a lesson any time!”